Hammer-Lok Air Envelope

The Hammer-Lok Air Envelope is a modern design that offers top of the line performance and fully- automated control capabilities.  The Air Envelope is ideal for climate controlled bulk storage, crate storage, or equipment storage, with standard and custom sizes and layouts available.

Typical Layout
Envelope Erection
 Durable &
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Air Envelope

Typical Layout


How It Works

This building is all about performance and providing the best environment for your crop.  It's called the Air Envelope because it wraps your crop in an envelope of air.  The air is climate controlled and in constant circulation, which reduces hot spots and greatly extends storage life.

Figure 1:  Air Envelope cross section view

Figure 2:  (BLUE)  Fresh air circulates through the plenum and up through the Cupless Air Floor

Figure 3:  (ORANGE)  Warm air circulates through the plenum, ceiling and outer walls

Figure 4:  A constant flow of climate controlled air


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