Hammer-Lok is a leading provider of potato and produce storage buildings throughout North America.  We handle all phases of construction from design & build to finishing & follow up.  As a division of Hammers Construction, we have been serving farmers for over 65 years.  Contact us today for a detailed quote.  For a quick estimate, click here.

Hammer-Lok Air Envelope buildings provide cutting edge performance for long term crop storage.

The Hammer-Lok Arch is a durable and affordable building solution for crop storage and more.

Our buildings are finished with air floors, doors, stairs and other components built to meet your specific needs.

Air Envelope Potato Storage Building

The HAMMER-LOK Cupless Air Floor

Our air floors are made with precision forms that result in a smooth, concrete-only surface.  Compare this to the competition's sacrificial cups which are left in your floor creating a mess.

Hammer-Lok Cupless Air Floor
The Competition

Our interior doors are Hot-Dip Galvanized

Our interior doors have multiple break points for easy access, and every door is hot-dip galvanized which increases longevity and ease of use.

Our Pinch Doors
1 (44).jpg
Buffer Wall Pinch Door 2.jpg

Our building will last for generations

We use more steel in our buildings than anyone, with solid web hot-dipped galvanized steel framing members.  Compare this to the open web truss designs of the competition, which are more prone to corrosion.  We use galvanized steel framing members resting upon plastic isolation plates to protect from corrosion.

Solid web galvanized steel
We use tons of steel - literally!
Interior galvanized framing members

But that's not all...

  • We have been in business for 65 years - 3 generations family owned and operated

  • We have a track record of completing tight project schedules on time, every time

  • We lead the pack in detailed engineering methods for premium raw product storage

  • We use as much local labor and material as possible

  • We treat all subs, including locals, with dignity and respect

  • We always pay our subs and vendors on time, and we always collect lien waivers

  • If there are ways to save money during construction, we will find them and pass the savings on to you

  • Our buildings are specifically designed to handle extreme weather

We build with Honesty, Quality, and Integrity